VirtuaLab is the only Room Scale Virtual Reality at BSD, we provide single and multi-player Virtual Reality stations for you and your friends. To accompany your immersive VR experience, we provide:

  • High-End Computer,
  • Comfortable Sofa
  • TV where you can watch your friends in action.
  • And our delicious food and drinks making

VirtuaLab a perfect place to hang out with your friends or even special occasions like a birthday party or team activity.


1. How many people can play at VirtuaLab?

We have 2 type of station, our single station can fit maximum 3 peoples. And our multiplayer stations can fit 6 peoples!


2. Is it safe for kids play Virtual Reality?

It’s advised that only kids older than 7 can play VR, but if your children (5++) want to try VR and you’re there to guard them we assure it’s totally okay since we have a content limit filter where we can set to provide Kids Friendly games and keep the hardcore games away from your children.


3. Is it safe? Is there any limitation?

It’s totally safe! The stress that playing VR put to your eyes is the same as using smartphone / tablet / laptop. But we do advise our first-time customer to start with casual games first and take a break every 15 minutes. Also, people with motion sickness, pregnant woman, heart problem, vertigo must proceed with caution.


4. How much does playing VR at VirtuaLab cost?

Link to our pricing page below


5. Great, I’m in! How can I make a booking?

Our booking process is online and easy! Simply click BOOK NOW button below and make booking accordingly. If you want to reserve for a special occasion, don’t hesitate to call us!